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NON-FICTION Essays and Articles

(My BOOK REVIEWS are a separate section.)

Implausible Dystopias: Logic Problems in Contemporary Dystopian Fiction
The Copperfield Review | April 2012
A critical look at the current trend of dystopian fiction.
How to Stock Your Magic-Fighting Toolkit
Fantasy Magazine | August 2011
The historical basis for supernatural objects commonly referenced in fantasy fiction.
Down the Tube
The Internet Review of Science Fiction | August 2006
An argument against bad adaptations of good books.
The History of American Animation
college term paper | May 1999
A Tribute to the Girls of Salem
self-published | April 2003
Robert Jordan: Genius or Hack?
SFFWorld.com | January 2002
An analysis of fantasy author Robert Jordan.
Sexism in Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time" ... and my public responses to that article.
SFFWorld.com | February 2002
A critical analysis of The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.
Focused on the Buffet
self-published | October 2003
Writing Habits
Short Story Writing for the Novelist at Heart
Neverary (defunct webzine) | October 2004
Parenthood Exam
Take this quiz to learn if you're fit to have kids!