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Abby's Wheel of Time Humor

Book Covers, Revised

Criticism of Darrell K. Sweet's book cover paintings.

Mat & Tuon comics

Mat and Tuon comics

Warning:  Spoilers for Book 9

Interviews with WoT characters

WoT Characters ... Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

Rand:       You'll have to make that plural.

Mat:       My wife-to-be calls me her "Toy" and plans to enslave me.

Perrin:       I have a bizarre wife and this obsessed ruler after me.

Elayne:       Oh hee hee ... how do I explain this?

WoT Characters ... What is the best feeling in the world?

Rand:       When Min, Aviendha, and Elayne jump my bones, and Birgitte experiences it through her bond with Elayne!

Elayne:       The rush of saidar! And being drunk at the same time increases the buzz! OMG it's so cool!


Mat:       Escaping imminent death.

Lews Therin:       When the blood of your enemies soaks your fingers, blood, sweet blood. O light what am i saying!

WoT Characters ... What would you do if you won the lottery?

Mat:       I've won the lottery, and I can always win it again.

Nynaeve:       Pay off my student loans to the White Tower, and use the rest to raise Malkier.

Elayne:       Uhhhhh ...

Rand:       I bend fate. That's what I do. So I'd win.

WoT Characters ... What are you wearing?

Elayne:       A velvet ruby red robe trimmed with white fur and decorated with the white lions of Andor, a satin red dress covered with white chiffon, a tight gold bodice embroidered with white lions, ruby slippers, a bracelet studded with gems, and no undergarments.

Mat:       A silk scarf, a huge signet ring, a fake mustache, and a belt-pouch full of gunpowder.

Lews Therin:       Handcuffs, womans' slippers, and my Dragon medallion, of course.

Perrin:       Clothes that can fit my mass.

WoT Characters ... What is your favorite color?

Rand:       The colors SWIRL!

Nynaeve:       Sturdy earth tones. No, wait. Blue and green.

Elayne:       Red and white, my royal colors.

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