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Torth series


  • Torth Book 1: City of Slaves
  • Torth Book 2: Land of Hope
  • Torth Book 3: The Dead City
  • Torth Book 4: World of Wreckage
  • Torth Book 5: Galaxy at War
  • Torth Book 6: untitled

Thomas slave women Outside the realm of Earthly experience, the universe bustles with innumerable aliens on thousands of worlds. All living creatures and territories belong exclusively to one species: the emotionless Torth. These mind readers, cousins to humankind, rule the known universe with technology they've stolen from their countless alien slaves.

TORTH is a spacefaring epic in the tradition of Frank Herbert's Dune and Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan saga, with themes of betrayal and redemption. The series follows a slave rebellion.

Science Fiction / Fantasy
average 105,000 words per novel
City of Slaves: Torth Book 1

The Illusionist


Vala and her mother

In a world of decadence, corruption, and advanced technology, a teenage girl named Vala finds herself entangled in a plot of intrigue between Magg, a merchant from an alien empire, and his ruthless telepathic enemies.  Vala faces betrayal and poisoning by her own mother, while Magg’s most trusted employees are framed for embezzlement and hunted by unseen enemies.  Only by working together can Vala and Magg uncover the conspiracy of memory manipulation that has driven them both to the brink of disaster and death.

Young Adult / Science Fantasy
60,000 words
completed in 2003
Magg Vorshornam