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Featuring my short stories or articles

Short stories by Abby Goldsmith
Love Free or Die
"Psychodrome and Skyway"
Romance | Torth tie-in

Soon: Four Chilling Tales

When Dreams Come True
"The Big Mermaid"

Suddenly Lost in Words, vol.2.
"The Lion Within"
Supernatural | Torth tie-in

Fantasy Magazine, Issue 53
"How to Stock Your Magic-Fighting Toolkit"
Non-fiction | available for free.

Wondrous Web World Vol.6
"Leveling Mountains"

Cyber-Pulp Magazine — defunct
Historical Erotica | Torth tie-in

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Featuring my illustrations

Skeptoid Book 4 SmartBoys Club
Illustrated by Abby Goldsmith
Skeptoid 4 by Brian Dunning
book | non-fiction anthology | educational | 2012

The Smartboys Club book series by Rebecca Shelley
book series | humor | middle grade | 2011 - 2012

  1. SmartBoys Club #1: Bees in My Butt
  2. SmartBoys Club #2: We Flushed it Down the Potty
  3. SmartBoys Club #3: I Took a Burp
  4. SmartBoys Club #4: I Lost My Head
  5. SmartBoys Club #5: My Stomach Explodes
  6. SmartBoys Club #6: All I Got for Christmas
  7. SmartBoys Club #7: To Monkey, With Love. Yuck!

Also, see Abby's Barnes & Noble page.

Featuring my book covers

Fried Zombie Dee-Light! Chomp Slaves to God
Fried Zombie Dee-Light!  by Susan Abel Sullivan
ebook | short fiction anthology | dark humor | 2012

Chomp  by Brian Rappatta
ebook | novella | horror | mature readers | 2012

Slaves to God  by Brian Rappatta
ebook | novel | horror | mature readers | 2011


Not yet available for purchase, but I welcome fresh beta readers!