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Fiction by Abby Goldsmith | FREE and AVAILABLE ONLINE

THE MEN'S ROOM | Every Day Fiction | December 2014
Light Sci-Fi — A woman. A bathroom. And an alien.
POST-AMERICAN PRINCESS | Dark Recesses Press | issue #13, PDF | October 2012
Dark Sci-Fi — A future without money.
A TASTE OF TIME | Escape Pod | episode #287 | April 2011
Sci-Fi — Redoing a lifetime of mistakes kicks off some unintended consequences.
You can discuss this story on the Escape Pod forum.
SHIRLEY KNOTT | AlienSkin Magazine | Autumn 2008
Sci-Fi — Literal metamorphosis can be horrific.
THE BLUR | Twilight Times | July 2004
Sci-Fi — Time travel can be horrific to a little girl.

Non-Fiction by Abby Goldsmith | FREE and AVAILABLE ONLINE

CGI Is Not Made By Computers
Dan Koboldt, guest post | May 2015
This article is part of the Science in Sci-fi, Fact in Fantasy blog series.
Is Space Adventure on the Brink of a Renaissance?
Nathan Barra, guest post | March 2015
The untapped potential of Space Opera.
Mind Meld: Marvel and DC and Star Wars, Oh My!
SF Signal | June 2014
Is big franchise SFF in movies and TV too much of a good thing? Several authors answer the question.
Implausible Dystopias: Logic Problems in Contemporary Dystopian Fiction
The Copperfield Review | April 2012
A critical look at the current trend of dystopian fiction.
How to Stock Your Magic-Fighting Toolkit
Fantasy Magazine | August 2011
An article about the historical basis for supernatural objects commonly referenced in fantasy fiction.
Down the Tube
The Internet Review of Science Fiction | August 2006
An argument against bad adaptations of good books.
Sexism in Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time"
SFFWorld.com | February 2002
A critical analysis of The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.
Robert Jordan: Genius or Hack?
SFFWorld.com | January 2002
An analysis of fantasy author Robert Jordan.
Review of "Otherland: Sea of Silver Light," by Tad Williams
Nabou.com | October 2001
Book review of Otherland: Sea of Silver Light by Tad Williams.