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Abby's Fabulous

Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series

My theories are up to WoT Book 10: Crossroads of Twilight. I've stopped maintaining this part of my website due to real life time management, but it's so huge and extensive, you might find it interesting anyway. Many of these theories are still unresolved as of WoT Book 13. Yes, I still the read the series, of course! I have to find out how it ends.

If you have additional observations or theories, please contact me.  I might not respond, but I will read your email and file it away.

Rand Al'Thor Concerning Rand Al'Thor
The Trinity Theory Mazrim Taim is Demandred Reborn, or The Trinity Theory
Mysterious Characters Sudden mystery characters
The One Power and objects of Power Ponderings concerning Power and objects of Power
Aes Sedai agendas Aes Sedai Agendas
Tower Aes Sedai conspiracy The Tower Aes Sedai Conspiracy
Mat Cauthon The future of Mat Cauthon
Tuon and the Seanchan The future of Tuon and the Seanchan
The Kin and Setalle Anan About the Kin
The Atha'an Miere The future of the Atha'an Miere
Perrin and Faile The future of Perrin Goldeneyes and Faile Bashere
Elayne Trakand The future of Elayne Trakand and Andor
Birgitte and Olver Birgitte, Gaidal Cain, and Olver
Egwene Al'Vere The future of Egwene Al'Vere and Gawyn Trakand
Asha'man Logain, Mazrim Taim, and the Black Tower
Galad Trakand The sexy mystique of Galad
the Forsaken Theories and current status of the Forsaken
Plots of the Dark side Other plots on the Dark side
Tarmon Gai'don and the Wheel of Time Miscellaneous observations about the Wheel of Time