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Yaacov's Bar Mitzvah Party

March 2006

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These are photos from the Bar Mitzvah party of Yacov Schwartz, one of my second cousins.

Here's the Bar Mitzvah boy

Yaacov Schwartz

Yaacov and Beryl Schwartz, brothers

Yaacov and Beryl

My second cousin Beryl Schwartz

Beryl Schwartz

Rabbi Shlomo Schwartz

Rabbi Shlomo Schwartz

I'm on the right, that's my sister Jen in the center, and cousin Olivia Schwartz on the left.

Olivia, Jen, Abby

My sister and I

Jen and Abby Goldsmith

My sister, Miriam Jen Goldsmith

Miriam Jen Goldsmith

A Hassidic Bar Mitzvah party

a Hassidic Bar Mitzvah party

That's all! If you'd like a hi-resolution version of any photo, just ask me.

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