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Squaw Valley and Lake Tahoe

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2007 St. Patrick's Day weekend: Phil treated me to a vacation in the Lake Tahoe area! Now I understand why people build vacation homes there. The lake is crystal clear, ringed by snow-capped mountains, and reflects the sunny sky of Nevada and California. And the Squaw Valley ski resort is an adventure in itself, with an ice skating rink and pool/spa on its summit.

Approaching Lake Tahoe from the air. March 16, 2007.

Lake Tahoe

We arrived at Squaw Valley on Friday night.
The night skiing was closed, so we hung out in Squaw Village, a picturesque shopping area.

Squaw Valley ski resort

Below: I have no idea why the Village had a giant chair, but here it is.
Abby in the Squaw Valley throne Phil in the Squaw Valley throne

I rented skis and Phil rented a snowboard.
Lots of people on the slopes wore green for St. Patricks Day.

Squaw Valley, Olympic ski resort

Lots more people wore shorts and T-shirts because of the warm weather!
A few guys even skiied shirtless. Click to see more overheated skiiers.

Squaw Valley skiiers

A swimming pool and spa on top of the mountain!
It was warm enough for swimsuits. All that snow was melting fast.

Squaw Valley mountain pool

The spa where overheated skiiers and snowboarders can cool off.

Squaw Valley mountain hot tub

Right next to the pool, there's an ice skating rink, quickly melting, but still open for skaters.

Squaw Valley ice skating rink

Kids playing behind the sports complex on top of the mountain.

Squaw Valley kids playing

Here's Phil pointing out the view of Lake Tahoe.

Phil and Lake Tahoe

And me, sweating in all that ski gear.

Abby and Lake Tahoe

My kind of place!

Abby at Squaw Valley

We rode the Funitel up the mountain.
This photo isn't the Funitel, but it's the neighboring cable car, which is basically the same thing.

Squaw Valley cable car

The Funitel stopped for a long time in mid-air!
We started wondering if we'd need to phone for rescue.

We planned on sticking around for night skiing, but the conditions were so slushy, we got tired and left early. It was like skiing/snowboarding in water. We both had trouble getting enough speed to make it over small hills and bumps. Phil had trouble stopping. The long 3 mile trail to the base of the mountain had deteriorated into a series of choppy moguls, and the effort of turning on them wore out my leg muscles. Anyway, we enjoyed the top of the mountain. That night, we took a shuttle down to the CalNeva hotel-casino on the state border. We played some roulette and Phil won $10!

This is Lake Tahoe as seen from CalNeva.

Lake Tahoe from the CalNeva casino

Before we caught our flight back to L.A., we found a tiny public beach, surrounded by fenced-off private beaches.

a Lake Tahoe public beach

I love how clear that water is! We saw guppies swimming in it.

a Lake Tahoe public beach

The water is icy snow melt, but some guys waded through it to get on the rocks.

a Lake Tahoe public beach

Phil at Lake Tahoe

Abby at Lake Tahoe

If you'd like a high resolution version of any photo, just ask me.

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