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Visit to New Hampshire and New York

July 2006

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These are just a few snapshots taken during my vacation.  For more, check out my scenic shots of upstate New Hampshire, and midtown Manhattan.

Me and Dad, at Rockerfeller Center in New York City

Abby and her father, Michael Goldsmith

Dad and Mom

Michael and Judith Goldsmith

Dad and his sister (my aunt Fran)

Michael and Fran Goldsmith

I took this photo in my hotel room in New York. The headboard has an art print on it. Very art deco!

Abby in the Paramount Hotel, near Times Square

Exploring Lost River in upstate New Hampshire

Abby at Lost River, New Hampshire

Another Lost River photo, taken by my friend Amy. She's a good photographer!

Abby at Lost River, New Hampshire
If you'd like a high resolution version of any photo, just ask me.