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Memories of the 1980s

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Baby! This is 1978 or 79.

Abby Goldsmith as a baby

Me at age three.

Abby, age three

Jen in 1981, age two. We spent a lot of our childhoods playing in snow.

Jen, age two

My family in 1982. Dad's a biochemist, Mom's an artist.

Goldsmith family in 1982

This is around 1983. I'm age five, at a day camp in Long Island (where my family lived at the time). I faintly remember learning how to tie my shoelaces at this camp.

Abby at a day camp

The year is 1984. The place is our "new" house in New Hampshire. Clockwise from bottom left:
Jen (my sister) -- grandma Dora -- aunt Fran -- my mother -- aunt Lauren -- grandpa Barney -- me.
All the relatives (with the exception of my mom) are the Goldsmith (paternal) side of my family.

Goldsmith family members, circa 1984

Time flies and it's 1985. You can see how restless I was as a kid, compared to my sweet little sister.

Goldsmith family in 1985

My sister and I were in Brownies before we graduated to the Girl Scouts. Here we are in Brownie uniforms, October 1986. I'm age eight, and Jen is age seven.

Sisters Jen and Abby, of October 1986
These photos were all scanned, but if you'd like a higher resolution copy, let me know.