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Rand al'Thor Name on Birth Certificate: Rand Al'Thor

Age: 22

Birthday:  I think it's the 11th day of Taisham, 978 NE

Middle Name:  "Lord Dragon"

Eyes:  Blue-gray

Height: About 6'6"

Hair:  Auburn

Shoe Size:  Custom-made boots built for crushing bones.

High School:  No formal schooling.

Brothers/Sisters?  None that I'm aware of.

Who lives with you?  Women.  Lots and lots of women.

When is your bedtime?  I am an adult.

What time do you wake up in the morning?  I am He Who Comes With the Dawn.  I obviously wake up before then.

What color is your bathroom?  Which one?  It depends which one.  Maidens fight to bathe me.

Can you juggle?  If yes, how many?  I can juggle two buxom maidens, and up to a thousand if I use the One Power.  I'm not exaggerating.  It's a fact.

Can you touch your nose with your tongue?  I can if I channel.

How many keys on your key ring?  Keys are for ordinary people.  I channel saidin.

What was your best Halloween costume?  I painted a scar on my cheek, cut my hair in a crew-cut and dyed it blonde, and used the Mask of Mirrors to make myself shorter.  It was hilarious, but Sammael wasn't amused, and--SHUT UP LEWS THERIN!  THAT'S NOT MY LIFE! <Ahem.>  I'm fine.  Next question.

What was the last film you saw at the cinema?  The taint on was like a film over saidin.

What was the last book you read?  "Jain Farstrider in The Nine Horse Hitch"

What did you do for your last birthday?  I took the day off work, hopped in my jo-car to pick up Ilyena and the kids, and.... Hold on a bit.  SHUT UP LEWS THERIN!  NOBODY ASKED YOU ANYTHING!  SHUT UP!
------------------------HAVE YOU EVER--------------------------------

Missed School because of rain?  Why would I do that?

Been hurt emotionally?  I deny my emotions because I must start wars, tie nations to my will, and kill, kill, kill!

Kept a secret from everyone?  I must keep secrets.  I am the Dragon Reborn.  Secrets must I keep.  Yessss.  Secrets.  Heh heh heheheheh hee hee!  Secrets!

Had an imaginary friend?  No never.  Not at all.

Had a crush on a teacher?  I may have had a schoolboy crush on Lanfear at one time. Briefly. For about one second. And Asmodean has very artistic fingers ... ugh. Why did I go there?

Ever thought an animated creature was hot?  Ever see a Myrdraal set on fire?

Had a "New Kids On the Block" tape?  I will soon have new kids.  And I will not kill them.  <sob> <sob> Poor kids...

Been on Stage?  Every few hours or so, when issuing new proclamations.  It's hard to keep the world obedient.  Kings and Queens wanna do their thangs without my say-so.  It's really quite stressful.

Cut your hair?  By myself? What do you take me for, a sheepherder's son? Oh, wait.

Color:  The colors SWIRL!

Song:  "Down the Road to Tarwin's Gap, I'm going now and I won't be back ..."

Flower:  The Rose of Andor.

Day or Night?  Only Shadowspawn prefer night. I must KILL THEM! Kill them ALL!

Summer or Winter?  The seasons should last no more than a few months, or else it is the work of my enemies.

Do you prefer the beach, the city, or the country?  It's all the same as long as I firmly rule the nation and its citizens.

Lace or Satin?  Leather and silk.

Gold or Silver?  I wear both on my lapels, duh.

Shampoo:  I use whatever Perrin uses.  He says I smell bad otherwise.

Food:  Mutton.

Favorite sandwich filling?  Mutton.

Ice Cream:  Creamy butternut.  SHUT UP LEWS THERIN!  ... nothing beats mutton.

Fizzy or still water as a drink?  I channel fizz in my drinks.

Red or White wine?  Red on my good days. When I hear more than one extra voice in my head, I go with cocktail drinks.

Cartoon Character:  What's that?

Advertisement:  My Dragon flag is awesome.

Movies:  Come again?

TV Show?  I like it when Elayne, Min, and Aviendha reenact "Three Wenches From Arad Domon."

Favorite car?  Jo-car?  Car'a'carn?  Carhien?  Kar-ma?  Kar...ka...ka....  Huh?

Person to talk to online:  On line?  What is that?

Subject:  I like to talk about conquering nations.

What inspires you?  "The Karatheon Cycle."  Ever hear of it?
---------------------------RIGHT NOW--------------------------------
Rand as an Asha'man
Wearing:  Breeches, down-turned boots, a spiffy belt that Aviendha gave me, a red coat with golden dragons embroidered on it, and my Dragon scepter.

Hair is:  Reddish.  What else do you want to know about it?

Eating:  Mutton

Drinking:  Mead with fizz

Thinking about:  Crushing my enemies using the biggest sa'angreal ever made.

Listening to:  Aes Sedai and Sea Folk arguing.

Talking to:  Lews Th... I mean, myself
-----------------IN THE LAST 24 HOURS------------------------------

Cried:  Lord Dragon doesn't cry.

Worn Jeans:  No way.

Met someone new:  I replaced a few servants that I accidentally killed.

Cleaned your room:  I use the One Power to clean it.

Done laundry:  I have washer-women.
-----------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN---------------------------------

Yourself:  I kind of have to, don't I? Otherwise the world is doomed.

Your friends:  Sometimes they act suspicious.  Sometimes I have dreams where my friends are not my friends.

Santa Claus:  The only fat jolly man I knew was Basil Gill.

Tooth Fairy:  I believe in blood and missing teeth, but no fairy takes them.

Destiny:  The Karatheon Cycle says it all.  It's a handy little guidebook.  I've memorized it.

Faith:  In the Creator?  Light, yes.

Angels:  Only the three who follow me around and do my bidding.

Ghosts:  Shut up, Lews Therin.

UFO's:  Unbelievably Forsaken Ones?
--------------------------IN THEORY---------------------------------

Theory?  That word sounds familiar for some reason.

What would you do if you had a big win in the lottery?  If we had something so organized as a lottery, I would say I've already won it, or am going to win it. I bend fate. That's what I do. Can't help it, really.

Where would you retire to?  I doubt I'll live long enough to retire, but if I dare hope...the Two Rivers, which better not have changed since I left it.

If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be?  Is the Creator a person? For some reason, I've alreadys pictured the Creator as a cheerful woman with no clothes and a man's sexual appetite.

What characteristics do you despise?  Taim!  KILL HIM!  KILL HIM NOW!!!  Oh, wait...characterISTICs.  Sniveling whiners and meddlesome women.

Who would you hate to be left in a room with?  Paidan Fain, Elaida, Mazrim Taim, Cadsuane, Semirhage, Ishamael, Demandred, Lanfear, Sammael, Graendal, Mesaana, Moghedien, Dashiva, Halima, Asmodean, Be'lal, Rahvin, renegade Asha'man, Alviarin, Sevanna, Masema, Lord Gawyn, any Red Ajah, nobility from Tear, Cairhien, Illian, or Andor, the rebel armies who want me out of their nations, the bands of marauding Dragonsworn, the Ever Victorious Seanchan army, the Seanchan Blood, the Whitecloaks, the gholam, Lord Luc/Isam, the Sea Folk Sailmistresses and Windfinders, Alanna, Mat with fireworks, Elayne's giggly entourage of Queen's Guards, Two Rivers folk who know what I've become, women whom I will be forced to kill, Lews Therin and that third dude, Gray Men, Trollocs, Darkhounds, Draghkar, Darkfriends, dreadlords, myrdraal, and Shai'tan.
--------------------------FRIENDS & LIFE----------------------------

Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?  You'll have to make that plural.

Like anyone?  They don't call me "Randy Rand" for nothing!

Have a true love?  I keep changing my mind.  Maybe I'll go with Lanfear next time she comes calling.

Who have you known longest of your friends?  Mat, Perrin, and Egwene.  And I guess Nynaeve.

Who have you known the least amount of time?  Of the main people in my life?  Alivia.

Who's the loudest?  I would really like to tell Nynaeve to shut up sometime.

Who's the shyest?  The dead ones.

Who's the weirdest?  Loial, but Ogier are naturally weird.

Who do you go to for stuff?  I am the Dragon Reborn.  People come to me for stuff.

Who do you cry to?  The Lord Dragon doesn't cry.

When you cried the most:  ILYENA!  ILYENA!  OH, MY POOR IL--Shut up, Lews Therin!  This is my quiz!  <sigh>
I don't cry.  Never.  I inflict pain on myself and repeat a list of dead women in my head, but tears are an outward sign of weakness, and I can't have that.

What's the best feeling in the world?  When Min, Aviendha, and Elayne jump my bones, and Birgitte watches!  Oooh baby, I'd better turn off the ol' imagination!  Lews Therin is whistling like a tea kettle.

Worst feeling:  Being trapped inside a chest by a group of Aes Sedai led by the Red Ajah, beaten nightly, starved, whipped, and tortured.
Or going insane and killing innocent women by accident.
Or knowing I am doomed.
Or knowing that the world and my friends will be glad to be rid of me.

Dragon banner Dragon seal Dragon scepter ~RAND