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Elayne Trakand Name on Birth Certificate:  Elayne Trakand, Blessed of the Light, Beloved of the Realm, Daughter-Heir of Andor

Age:  20 and 3/4

Birthday:  The 12th of Maighdal, 980 NE

Eyes:  pretty blue

Height:  about 5'9"

Hair:  red gold

Shoe Size:  custom-made slippers encrusted with gems.

High School:  I was privately tutored by succession of professors hired by Mother.

E Mail:  I don't know what that is, but I command you not to ask me that again.

Brothers/Sisters:  My royal brothers are both are highly skilled at swordplay, extremely intelligent, rich, and sexy. I cannot understand why I have so much trouble making friends when my brothers attract all kinds of girls my age!

Who lives with you:  Lords and Ladies, a Personal Guard, many servants, secretaries, cooks, maids, messenger boys, stablehands, assorted attendants, and an army.

When is your bedtime:  Whenever I command it to be.

------------------------HAVE YOU EVER -------------------------------

Missed School because of rain?  Only when I commanded it.

Been hurt emotionally?  I am hurt every time someone doesn't do what I ask them to do.

Kept a secret from everyone?  Between you and me ... I secretly dress as a commoner once a month and go outside among the common people!  It feels like being bad!

Had an imaginary friend?  Whenever I became that lonely growing up, Mother hired friends for me.

Had a crush on a teacher?  Tee-hee! <blushes>

Ever thought an animated creature was Hot? You mean a moving creature? A sexy beast like Rand al'Thor?

Had a "New Kids On the Block" tape? I will not sentence innocent new children to death on the chopping block.

Been on Stage?  I eat my meals on the royal dais every day.

Cut your hair?  My maid-servants keep it trimmed and fashionable.


Shampoo:  Imported from the southern gardens of Tear, and also from Shara, beyond the Aiel Waste

Color:  Red and white, my royal colors

Song:  I enjoy epic ballads sung by Mother's former court bard, Thom Merrilin.

Day or Night?  My favorite is whichever one I command is best

Lace or Satin?  All my clothes feature some degree of lace or satin.

Cartoon Character:  the cute little dragon on Rand's flags: the Dragon Banner

Food:  Veal stuffed with potato and cheese on a bed of natural herbs, vegetables, and ravioli, along with sweetbread and carrots, and a cream pie for desert.

Advertisement:  The inn sign for The Queen's Blessing. It shows a man kneeling to his Queen, as is proper.

Movies:  Swordplay is sexy!

Ice Cream:  Mmmm, yes. I have it imported from Saldaea in ox-drawn carts packed with enchanted ice to keep it from melting.

Subject:  Me.

Drink:  Tanchico brandy wine is actually quite underrated.

Person to talk to online:  I'm a duck! Quack quack!
---------------------------RIGHT NOW--------------------------------

Wearing:  <takes a breath> A velvet ruby red robe trimmed with white fur and decorated with the white lions of Andor, a satin red dress covered with white chiffon, a tight gold bodice embroidered with white lions, ruby slippers, a bracelet studded with gems, and no undergarments.

Hair is:  held back by a golden ringlet studded with diamonds

Eating:  sweetbread

Drinking:  Tanchico brandy wine

Thinking about:  A way to manipulate Rand into bed with me.

Listening to:  Soothing water from the waterfall in my private balcony patio, and the strumming harp of my court bard.

Talking to:  Birgitte, who blames me for her orgasm in the middle of the hallway last evening.  I love Birgitte, but sometimes I wish I'd let her die.

-----------------IN THE LAST 24 HOURS------------------------------

Cried:  Daughter-Heirs do their best to suffer in silence.

Worn Jeans:  How uncivil!

Met someone new:  I try to meet my faithful subjects every day to remind them that I will be their Queen.

Cleaned your room:  Maids clean my room.  I'd use the One Power to do it, but sometimes I forget I can channel, especially when I'm pregnant.

Done laundry:  Hello, maids?

-----------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN---------------------------------

Yourself:  Of course, what a silly question.

Your friends:  I guess; who cares?

Santa Claus:  The jolly old man who brings presents on a sleigh?  Yes, he comes to my country manor annually.

Tooth Fairy:  Mother gave me gold Andoran Crowns whenever I lost a baby tooth. She gave me gold coins every day, though.

Destiny:  Am I destined to become the greatest Queen of Andor in history? Yes, I believe so.

Faith:  I have faith in the Creator and in my own glory.

Angels:  Flying babies? That's sad. I will make a proclamation to stop it from happening.

Ghosts:  Spooky! I hate Gray Men. I will command Rand to make them cease to exist.

UFO's:  I am very good at identifying objects that fly at me.

--------------------------FRIENDS & LIFE----------------------------

Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?  Oh hee hee...how do I explain this?

Like anyone?  The Dragon Reborn is the love of my life! And Min, Aviendha, and Birgitte.

Who have you known longest of your friends?  I had no friends (that Mother had not hired) until I came to train at the White Tower at the age of 18, and met Egwene, Nynaeve, and Min.  Now Egwene rules ME, in a way!  And she was a commoner just a year ago, if you can believe that.

Who have you known the least amount of time?  The new leader of my Royal Queen's Guard. I personally think he's a bloody rude woolhead, but he saved my life, so he's cool. Otherwise I would have had him beheaded for pinching my bum.

Who's the loudest?  Birgitte sings when she's drunk! Which is often!

Who's the shyest?  Maighdan. Oh wait, she was Moghed.... Never mind!!!!!!!!!

Who's the weirdest?  Aviendha makes absolutely no sense, okay? She always talks about her toe, she's afraid of water, and she aspires to live a life in the Aiel Waste and never bathe or roll in gold coins.  The only thing about her I understand is her desire to have me for a sister and sister-wife.

Who do you go to for stuff?  People bring me stuff when I command it.

Who do you cry to?  My silk hanky, which is outlined with lace and embroidered with "H R H, E T, D-H of A" in swirling letters.  It is perfumed with roses.

When you cried the most:  Nurse Lini, since she raised me.  Too bad she died, oh well.  I'm not sure she was really that good, since she also raised Mother, and Mother nearly destroyed my inheritance.

What's the best feeling in the world?  The rush of saidar!!! And being drunk at the same time increases the buzz! OMG it's so cool!

Worst feeling:  Being wrong.