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Nynaeve al'Meara Name on Birth Certificate:  Nynaeve al'Meara

Age:  Old enough.

Birthday:  The 3rd day of Amadaine, 968 NE, according to a calendar I've only recently become aware of.

Middle Name:  <sniff> What are you implying?  Do you think I'm a hoity-toity noblewoman?

Eyes:  Brown

Height:  About 5'2"

Hair:  Long and orderly.

Shoe Size:  My boots are the right size to kick you across the room

High School:  I should be a teacher, not a student.

Brothers/Sisters?  None who survived.

Who lives with you?  Right now?  Lan, my hulking hunk of an uncrowned king!  I love you, Lan!  And I live with Cadsuane, but I'd rather not talk about it.


When is your bedtime? Whenever I tell Lan to go to sleep.

What time do you wake up in the morning? Whenever Lan wakes up.

What color is your bathroom? We haven't settled down to a permanent home yet, but I think I'll go with a green and blue color scheme.

Can you juggle? If yes, how many? You'll want to talk to Matrim Cauthon about that.

Can you touch your nose with your tongue?  I can, but I won't.

How many keys on your key ring?  I only wear one ring; the key to Lan's heart!

What was the last film you saw at the cinema?  Is this a death question?  I'm not going to die.  Not for a few centuries, at least.

What was the last book you read?  Ten New Ways to Channel Chicken Soup Into an Unwilling Patient

What did you do for your last birthday?  I puked a whole lot on a Sea Folk ship heading to Tanchico.

------------------------HAVE YOU EVER--------------------------------

Missed School because of rain?  I trained in the White Tower.  'Nuff said.

Been hurt emotionally?  No, never, except for the whole time Moiraine existed.

Kept a secret from everyone?  Never!

Had an imaginary friend?  Do I look like Rand or Perrin to you?

Had a crush on a teacher?  Well, all my teachers were prudish Aes Sedai, but I really admire gray hair.

Ever thought an animated creature was hot?  Lan can be very animated when--<blush> never mind!

Had a "New Kids On the Block" tape?  I tire of seeing new kids around.  Especially Sea Folk Windfinders.

Been on Stage?  Do I look like a gleeman to you?  Or a tavern wench, for that matter?

Cut your hair?  <shudder>  Never! Never, never, never!


Color:  I used to prefer good sturdy earth tones, but now I rather like blue and green.  Yeah.  Blue and green are marvelous colors; very becoming on me.

Song: The Malkieri National Anthem.

Flower: The lily of Malkier.  And daisies are good for headaches.

Day or Night?  Are you wasting my time?

Summer or Winter? When it comes down to it, I'm a springtime gal.  Malkier was best in springtime, did you know that?

Do you prefer the beach, the city, or the country?  A castle in the rolling wooded hillsides close to the Blight.

Lace or Satin?  Green and blue satin.

Gold or Silver?  Silver, as in Lan's signet ring.

Shampoo: Vera's Aloe with Herbal Essence.

Food:  I've acquired a taste for spicy Taraboner dishes eaten with sursa.

Favorite sandwich filling?  Sand witch?  Is that an Aiel Wise One?

Cartoon Character:  The crane of Malkier.

Movies:  Lan can execute some graceful sword movies.

Favorite car?  Cairhien

Subject:  Healing the world.

What inspires you?  I am particularly inspired by Nisao, Samitsu, Ananda, Doesine, Narenwin, Shemerin, Zenare, Shanelle, Dagdara, and even Romanda.  All of them are accomplished Healers.
---------------------------RIGHT NOW--------------------------------

Wearing:  A blue dress with green trimming, sturdy boots, Lan's ring, my Great Serpent ring, a hidden ter'angreal, my well ter'angreal, and my Yellow Ajah shawl.  Forsaken, don't #@!* with me!

Hair is: What do you think? In a Braid(TM).

Eating:  A peppermint leaf; good for energy.

Drinking:  Tea with eye of newt and toenail of lizard in it.

Thinking about:  Can I Heal insanity?

Listening to:  Cadsuane manipulating everyone around her.

-----------------IN THE LAST 24 HOURS------------------------------

Cried:  Me? Never.

Worn Jeans:  That sounds obscene. Never mention it again.

Met someone new:  Every time I see Lan, it is like meeting him all over again.

Cleaned your room:  My soon-to-be-bonded Warder does that.

Done laundry:  I'm a little busy for menial labor, wouldn't you agree?

-----------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN---------------------------------

Yourself:  Of course!

Your friends:  Of course!  Who's asking; Mat?  Is this some kind of a joke?

Santa Claus:  Now what in Creation is that?

Tooth Fairy:  I am the tooth fairy.  Better not lose any teeth!

Destiny:  Mine is to be remembered as one of the greatest Healers in history.

Faith:  I am faithful to Lan and to Rand, and I guess to Egwene, if she insists on being the silly Amyrlin Seat.

Angels:  I've heard tales of flying people from the Age of Legends.

Ghosts:  I've been to Tel'Aran'Rhiod, you know.

UFO's:  I can usually identify every flying object I see.

--------------------------IN THEORY---------------------------------

What would you do if you had a big win in the lottery?  I'd pay off my student loans that I owe to the White Tower, and use the rest to attempt to raise Malkier.

Where would you retire to?  If it existed, I would retire to Malkier.

If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be?  I eat lunch with famous people every day!  Cadsuane is a sore tooth.  Rand is just... ugh!  And Egwene... don't get me started.  Woolheaded Dragon Reborn!  Stubborn uppity Amyrlin!  The next famous person I meet, I'm going to kick their ass.

What characteristics do you despise?  What really annoys me--above all else--is stubborn, arrogant woolheads.

Who would you hate to be left in a room with?  Moghedien!  <shudder>  I don't care if she's supposedly one of the lesser Forsaken; do you have any idea what that bitch did to me?

--------------------------FRIENDS & LIFE----------------------------

Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?  I have Lan!

Like anyone?  I am strongly attracted to Lan.

Have a true love?  I grow weary of repeating myself.

Who have you known longest of your friends?  Egwene, but she's been sort of ... unfriendly ... lately.

Who have you known the least amount of time?  Alivia.  I feel sympathy for the 400 years of slavery she had to endure, but sometimes I wish she would act more like a slave!

Who's the loudest?  Certainly not Lan!  I like 'em strong and silent.

Who's the shyest?  Lan is certainly not shy.  <ahem>  Verin is very quiet and birdlike.

Who's the weirdest?  Of MY friends?  Well let's see.  Rand practices polygamy and goes stomping around with a weird candy cane scepter.  Egwene seems to think that three months of ruling experience qualifies her to run the free world.  Aviendha walks around naked in front of male soldiers and threatens to kill them if they stare at her.  Mat lets a queen dress him in pink lace and tie him to her bed every night.  Min cross-dresses.  Birgitte wears clothing that went out of fashion 3,000 years ago.  Elayne enjoys getting drunk and seducing a gleeman old enough to be her grandfather.  Perrin married some freaky war general's daughter who's into S&M!  Weird friends?  Nah!  And people might say my Lan is weird because he's experienced someone else's death, but I say what-evah!  And they might say I'm weird because I hang out with these people, but they can go screw themselves!  <sniff>

Who do you go to for stuff?  When I need "stuff," I can get it.

Who do you cry to?  I would never cry to anyone ... well, maybe to Lan.  If I had to cry.

When you cried the most:  Ha!  I make other people cry, dearie.

What's the best feeling in the world?  Channeling saidar.

Worst feeling:  Being defeated and tortured by Moghedien.

Yellow Ajah ~Nynaeve Al'Meara