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Perrin Aybara Name on Birth Certificate:  Perrin Aybara

Age:  I think I'm 22, but we don't celebrate birthdays so who knows.

Birthday:  Ask Mat or Rand, plus or minus a few days

High School:  I went to Master Luhhan's Forge

E Mail:  Eh Male? Of course! WTF?

Eyes:  I have to pee... BAD!

Height:  I am known for my width more then my height.

Hair:  Curly. I suppose the young lads in the Two Rivers will try to copy this, like with my beard.

Shoe Size:  Big

Brothers/Sisters:  Well, in some editions I didn't have any, but later Fain came with his evil Whitecloaks and killed them, I can't get into details, as I am confused myself, they're all dead now though anyway, so it doesn't really matter.

Who lives with you:  My wife Faile and this freaky Tinker guy named Aram.

When is your bedtime:  When I fall asleep standing up

------------------------HAVE YOU EVER -------------------------------

Missed School because of rain?  Only if we couldn't keep the forge lit

Been hurt emotionally?  I felt pretty bad when my dog Hopper died, but I meet him in the wolf dream now so it's all good. Oh and I felt pretty bad when my new spawned family died.

Kept a secret from everyone?  No, excuse me now; I want to go howl at the moon.

Had an imaginary friend?  I'm not even going to try to explain the whole Hopper thing.

Had a crush on a teacher?  No, Master Luhhan is too burly for me, I like them tilted eyed and aggravating.

Ever thought an animated creature was hot?  Ba'alzamon had fire in his eyes in my dreams, I bet that was pretty hot.

Had a "New Kids On the Block" tape? I don't listen to hip hop!

Been on Stage?  My wife makes me have court every day in the Two Rivers!

Cut your hair?  I had to use my axe for something after I stopped shaving


Shampoo:  What is that?

Color:  I guess red and white, but I hate it on banners.

Song:  Ahh the song, no, I have not found it, seek on Tinker

Day or Night?  What the difference? I see well in both.

Lace or Satin?  I am all about the leather

Cartoon Character:  you lost me.

Food:  Any meat raw, and blood, sometimes when I fight I can taste the blood.

Advertisement:  That bloody banner for Manetheren is going to get me in trouble with Andor soon enough.

Movies:  Dances with Wolves

Ice Cream:  Misty Mountain Mocha

Subject:  I am not a lord!

Drink:  Sometimes tasting blood brings out the animal in me

Person to talk to online:  I don't do tightropes
---------------------------RIGHT NOW--------------------------------

Wearing:  I wear clothes that can fit my mass

Hair is:  Itchy, I should shave this beard, but it turns my wife on.

Eating:  I like it Raw

Drinking:  Two Rivers brandy in a crushed cup

Thinking about:  well, I don't want to answer that question right away, let me think about it slowly, if I answer to hastily I might hurt somebody.

Listening to:  The complains and foolishness of my people

Talking to:  I can telepathically communicate with wolves

-----------------IN THE LAST 24 HOURS------------------------------

Cried:  No, I have too much to do

Worn Jeans:  Moiraine says Manetheren blood is strong with us, I don't know if worn is the word, but they are old genes.

Met someone new:  Just some nutcase Zealot Prophet guy.

Cleaned your room:  I usually just make sure nobody knows we camped out

Done laundry:  No, I don't like to mask my scent

-----------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN---------------------------------

Yourself:  I do what I have to

Your friends:  They both know how to score much better then me

Santa Claus:  You lost me again

Tooth Fairy:  Fairies are Mat's thing

Destiny:  Yeah I might just bring back an old dead nation for kicks

Faith:  I walk in the light!

Angels:  What are those?

Ghosts:  well, I talk to my dead dog regularly so I guess so, yeah

UFO's:  huh?

--------------------------FRIENDS & LIFE----------------------------

Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?  I have a bizarre wife and this obsessed ruler after me.

Like anyone?  Just my wife! Light, just asking me stuff like that can get me in trouble!

Who have you known longest of your friends? I suppose Mat and Rand.

Faile Bashere Who have you known the least amount of time?  My wife Faile, and let me tell you, if I had any idea...

Who's the loudest?  Heh, wifey

Who's the shyest?  Aram, freaky Tinker is just into his sword

Who's the weirdest?  Masema

Who do you go to for stuff?  I see my dead dog in my dreams

Who do you cry to?  I once had a moment with a guy named Talanvor after his girlfriend and my wife were kidnapped.

When you cried the most:  When my family died.

What's the best feeling in the world?  LIFTING HEAVY THINGS!

Worst feeling:  Getting beat up by Whitecloaks.

Hopper the wolf ~ Perrin Aybara t'Bashere