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Lews Therin Telamon Name on Birth Certificate:  Lews Therin Telamon

Age:  i can't remember, i think 400. Or was it 4,000?

Birthday:  390 BW (Before War)

High School:  Paren Disen High!

E Mail:  what?!?!?

Eyes:  dark, almost black

Height:  about 6'5"

Hair:  black with gray streaks

Shoe Size:  I don't know, ask Ilyena, she knows, she always knew, always knew me.... Ilyena I'm sorry! Why! Why! (sob, sob)

Brothers/Sisters:  I have a wonderful family, i mean had a wonderful family....  Ilyena! Why! Why! I deserve death!

Who lives with you:  no one, I'm all alone, except for the guy in my head, boy is he a nut.

When is your bedtime:  I can never sleep, never die. Why! Why! I deserve death!

------------------------HAVE YOU EVER -------------------------------

Missed School because of rain?  No, the Aes Sedai would never let it rain on a school day.

Been hurt emotionally?  No never...maybe once. when Ilyena died. Oh light!  Ilyena come back to me! I'm sorry!

Kept a secret from everyone?  Why, what's it to you. I may have kept secrets. Secrets of death. killing. Kill must kill. must kill you. I've killed. Killed Ilyena! Why!

Had an imaginary friend?  i had friends once, friends that stabbed me in the back like Sammael Ishamael and Dammandred. But i will kill them! All i ever gave them was honor and praise and they threw it in my face! Well, they'll see, every one will see. Ha HA HA Ha HA HA (cough)

Had a crush on a teacher?  No, the only woman i ever loved was Ilyena! I still love you Ilyena!

Ever thought an animated creature was hot?  what?!?!?

Had a "New Kids On the Block" tape?  I've seen kids killed on the chopping block for proclaiming the dark one

Been on Stage?  I've sat on the highest pedestal in the Hall of Servants.

Cut your hair?  No, Ilyena did that for me, she did every thing for me. I'd do anything to get her back!


Shampoo:  Shampoo is a thing of a past age; we use the One Power to clean our hair.

Color: Gold

Song:  I like the songs of the Aiel; they are my people you know

Day or Night?  The night is darker. Quieter. It feels right. Right for me to be lonely. Right to be lonely after what i've done. Oh light! What have i done!

Lace or Satin?  Nice tight satin, Ilyena always loved that.

Cartoon Character: cartoon, is that like a jo-car.

Food:  Roasted duck in a glaze of citrus was always nice.

Advertisement:  You're kidding me, i was the PR man of the Hall of Servants before i became Tamyrlin.

Movies:  I like to move in stealth. Do what no one will suspect. I'll fool them. Fool them all. All, even Ilyena. (sob, sob)

Ice Cream:  No i prefer on of Marin Al'Vere's pies... wait, how did i get that memory?

Subject:  To talk about? ILYENA!!!!

Drink:  Paren Disen Pleasure Punch

Person to talk to online:  what?!?!?!
---------------------------RIGHT NOW--------------------------------

Wearing:  Nothing but handcuffs, woman's slippers, and my Dragon medallion of course.

Hair is:  Sticking out; i haven't bathed in hundreds of years!

Eating:  Nothing, i don't deserve food.

Drinking:  Nothing, i don't deserve drink.

Thinking about:  Ilyena, and how this Taim fellow reminds me of Demandred. I hate Demandred. Demandred reminds me of killing. Killing. I've killed. Killed Ilyena. Light, I'm thinking about my precious Ilyena!

Listening to:  Asmodean's greatest hits, he may be Forsaken but his music has a funk i can't resist.

Talking to:  Ilyena, if only she could hear.

-----------------IN THE LAST 24 HOURS------------------------------

Cried:  yes

Worn Jeans:  no

Met someone new:  i haven't met anyone new in 3000 years, except the mad man in my head.

Cleaned your room:  What room?

Done laundry:  What laundry?

-----------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN---------------------------------

Yourself:  No, all i do is fail.

Your friends:  I have none. i can't trust anyone, even myself.

Santa Claus:  If you mean probable cause, then no.

Tooth Fairy:  I believe in blood and missing teeth, but no fairy takes them... this seems oddly familiar.

Destiny:  My only destiny is to go mad and kill!

Faith:  In the Creator?  Light, yes.

Angels:  Yes, Ilyena is an angel.

Ghosts:  Sometimes it feels like i know more about this than i can say.

UFO's:  Unidentified Forsaken?

--------------------------FRIENDS & LIFE----------------------------

Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?  None left alive....

Like anyone?  Well, when i see a fine woman, it does cause me to hum, but no, NO! I love Ilyena and only her.

Who have you known longest of your friends?  What friends?

Who have you known the least amount of time?  This mad man in my head.

Who's the loudest?  This Rand al'Thor. He won't shut up about killing and death and forgiveness. What kind of a nut is he.

Who's the shyest?

Who's the weirdest?  Me

Who do you go to for stuff?  i don't need stuff. I am here to serve.

Who do you cry to?  Ilyena

When you cried the most:  Whenever sanity takes me.

What's the best feeling in the world?  When the blood of your enemies soaks your fingers, blood, sweet blood. O light what am i saying!

Worst feeling:  Remembering what i've done.

Dragon banner ancient Aes Sedai sign and symbol of the Dragon ~Lews Therin Telemon