The Tower Aes Sedai Conspiracy

Ajahs are shown by colors!
Black Ajah listed separately.


  • Elaida, Amyrlin Seat, (not Black Ajah, but a puppet of Alviarin)
  • Alviarin, former Keeper of the Chronicles, Head of the Supreme Council of BLACK AJAH
  • Silviana, Mistress of Novices
  • Atuan, has no Warder, known BLACK AJAH
  • Pritalle, seen in company with Atuan
  • Galina, Head of the Red Ajah, currently a prisoner among the Shaido Aiel, known BLACK AJAH and second-in-command to Alviarin
  • Temaile, currently hanging out in Caemyln, waiting for something to do, known BLACK AJAH


  • Ferane Neheran, Head of the White Ajah, NEW SITTER, has been seen talking with Jesse and Suana
  • Seaine Herimon, Sitter, from Lugard, secret society of Black Ajah hunters
  • Velina, Sitter, a Saldaean who does not believe damane exist
  • Pevara, Sitter, a plump Kandori, secret society of Black Ajah hunters
  • Rubinde, Sitter, a forceful Mayener
  • Adelorna, Captain-General of the Green Ajah
  • Rina, NEW SITTER, chosen by Adelorna, young, and bonded to Elyas
  • Talene Minly, Sitter, beautiful former farmgirl, known BLACK AJAH, secret society of Black Ajah hunters
  • Duhara, Sitter, probably Domani
  • Serancha, Head Clerk of the Gray Ajah
  • Yukiri, Sitter, small, secret society of Black Ajah hunters
  • Andaya, NEW SITTER, chosen by Serancha
  • Jesse Bilal, Head of the Brown Ajah, has been seen with Ferane
  • Saerin Asnobar, Sitter, Altaran with scars from knife fights, leader of the secret society of Black Ajah hunters
  • Juilaine Madome, NEW SITTER, chosen by Jesse, attractive
  • Shevan, NEW SITTER, chosen by Jesse, tall and bony
  • Suana Dragand, Head of the Yellow Ajah, NEW SITTER, has been seen with Ferane
  • Doesine, Sitter, Cairhienin and boyish, secret society of Black Ajah hunters
  • Adaya, Sitter, a Taraboner
  • Sedore, Sitter, coldly arrogant

More than a few Aes Sedai have observed what looks like a conspiracy among the Heads of Ajahs, who have been meeting together in spite of the tension between Ajahs.  From the pattern above, it seems that Ferane has been pulling strings (and possibly using Compulsion) to get seemingly random (and sometimes unsuitable) people nominated as Sitters in the Hall.

The same sort of nonsense has been going on among the rebel Aes Sedai in Egwene's camp.  This does not mean that the Black Ajah has a massive conspiracy.  In fact, we saw from Alviarin's POV in book 10 that she only recognized Talene as a Black Ajah among the Tower Sitters, which means that Ferane and the others are NOT Black Ajah.  In all likelihood, this conspiracy is being manipulated by a strong third party movement; the Aes Sedai who are aligned with neither the Tower nor the rebels.

Seaine noticed this seeming conspiracy between Ajah Heads, and has alerted her fellow Black Ajah hunters, assuming that it must have to do with the Black Ajah.  But they're so focused on chasing one minor Black Ajah--Atuan--that they probably won't see anything else until it's too late. 

This may actually matter in the larger story.  Egwene was recently captured by Tower Aes Sedai and drugged with forkroot tea.  Forkroot was discovered by Ronde Macura, an agent of the Yellow Ajah in the Tower, which means Egwene may have been captured by Suana Dragand (the possible third faction) OR Doesine and the Black Ajah hunters.  If the former is the case, then they may protect Egwene long enough for Gawyn to rescue her.  If the latter is the case, then Egwene will almost certainly suffer the fate of her spies, and be forced to swear on the Oath Rod, which could trigger conflicting commands with the Compulsion that Aran'gar has been using on Egwene.

Alviarin can easily find a legal way to have Egwene executed, so Egwene will probably need protection within the Tower.  Of course, once she's rescued and cleared, she'll have her spies and the Black Ajah hunters released from prison so they can name who's who within the real Black Ajah.

REBEL SPIES in the Tower who are part of the secret society of Black Ajah Hunters:
  • Bernaile
  • Meidani, with Warder Leonin
  • Annharid, investigating Atuan
  • Celestin, investigating Atuan
      I'm sure one of them will screw up and let Alviarin know what's going on!

This theory updated:  February 8, 2003
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