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by my article "Sexism in Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time"

I had thought that my obsessive fandom of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time saga was obvious.  After all, I do have a large section of my website devoted to the WoT ... but I've received a few emails proving that not everyone pays attention to the rest of my site.  Let me clear up any confusion.  I am a major fan.  Never doubt this.  I have reread the entire series at least three times.  I am contributing to the Dragonmount film.  And I am extremely grateful that Mr. Jordan writes enough about strong female characters for me to be so critical.

There.  I have done the unnecessary and defended my fandom.  If you choose to believe that my little sexism critique means that I hate all men, especially Robert Jordan, then I suggest you see a psychologist about your own deeply buried issues.  Hello, people; I think Robert Jordan is a genius!  I think Rand is sexy and Mat is cute!  And yes, I understand that the Aiel culture places no importance on nudity.  My criticism is aimed at the author's exaggerated portayal of women and male/female interaction, not on the fictional cultures and characters.  Randland came out of Robert Jordan's mind, after all.  I am not bashing real people or cultures in my article.

It is possible to be critical of something you love and admire.  Editors are required to be critical of the work they edit.  Even die-hard fans have opinions and sometimes voice them.  If you believe that the word "sexism" coming from a woman automatically means that she's a psycho man-hater, then I suggest you take a deep look inside yourself and examine your world view.  You've got issues!

If you disagree with my article and plan to email me about it, then PLEASE read my responses to the emails I've already received.  Chances are that I've already addressed your argument.  If I feel that answering your email would be a repeat of what I've said to others, then I won't take the time.

To the vast majority of people who read the sexism article and did not need the disclaimer above:  Thanks for listening!


Public responses to the sexism article.